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UConn Health 2021 World Voice Day Special

April 16, 2021

World Voice Day carries on virtually this year, with Dr. Denis Lafreniere and Starr Cookman from the UConn Health Voice and Speech Clinic and a live performance from special guest Javier Colon!

(Dr. Denis Lafreniere, Starr Cookman, Javier Colon, Chris DeFrancesco, April 16, 2021)

11 tips for safer choral singing:

  1. Maximize ventilation; sing outside when possible
  2. Wear masks when singing
  3. Maintain at least 6 ft of physical distancing
  4. Rehearse in small groups; perhaps in shifts
  5. Shorten rehearsal time
  6. Limit socializing and sharing food
  7. Wipe down all shared items (music stands, chairs, etc)
  8. Screen for symptoms
  9. Avoid physical contact
  10. Hand washing/disinfection before, during and after rehearsals
  11. Stay away if you are sick


Javier Colon: http://javiercolon.com/
("Walking Blind," written and performed by Javier Colon)

Artist Job Bank: https://we-ha.com/artist-job-bank-a-new-initiative-of-west-hartford-commission-on-the-arts/

UConn Health Voice and Speech Clinic: https://health.uconn.edu/otolaryngology/services/voice-and-speech-clinic/

World Voice Day: https://www.entnet.org/WorldVoiceDay
(American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery)

UConn Health Pulse podcast April 2021, featuring the Voice and Speech Clinic: https://uconnhealthpulse.podbean.com/e/a-clear-voice-on-vocal-health/

UConn Health Pulse podcast archive: https://health.uconn.edu/archives/uconn-health-podcast


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